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Image by Elijah M. Henderson

Mountain View Academy

Mountain View Academy is a Residential Treatment Center for young men between the ages of 12 and 18 years old.

Image by Luke Chesser

The Individual

Each child or youth that comes through our doors is treated equally. They are not judged based on their previous experiences.  However, their history and our assessments provide us with valuable information, which in turn will help us to treat them with a more individual approach and to set realistic goals.

The Path

Our amazing staff work alongside the youth to determine the best approach for overcoming their individual obstacles one day at a time.  Once a plan of action is decided, the resident is encouraged to be an active participant in his treatment program.

The Hope

Our staff and our community share the hope that each and every child or youth under our care will be receptive to their treatment program.  We believe that every resident has the potential to be a positive contributing member of society.

The Outcome

There is no doubt our services will influence the lives of those who are under our care.  The choice of whether to use that knowledge and continue on the path toward permanently exiting the state custody system will be each young persons's decision.  Our team stays motivated and we aim for success for all of our residents.

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