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Lige T. Hollis, original founder of Wayne Halfway House

The original founder of Wayne Half Way House, Lige T. Hollis, had a vision of a place that could help change the lives of young men that had come from difficult circumstances. Wayne Half Way House was first licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Children's Services in 1992 as a 16 bed Level I Residential Treatment Center. Gradually, it has grown into a program that includes a Level II Special Populations Program, a Level II Group Care Continuum and a Primary Treatment Center. What began as a 16 bed facility has grown to an 84 bed facility, now known as Hollis Academy.

Lige Hollis set out to establish a program that would not only help young men resolve behavioral, social, and mental health issues, but would more importantly help them permanently exit dependence on "The System." Our team continues to be dedicated to this overriding goal.

Image by Luke Chesser


The mission of Hollis Academy is to provide quality residential treatment that increases the number of juvenile males who permanently exit the state custody system and go on to lead successful, independent adult lives.  The program develops and implements services that foster achievement of educational, social, emotional, intellectual, ethical, and career goals.  Our success is measured in our ability to maintain a viable program while facilitating residents’ attainment of individual goals. 

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